Benefits and ingredients in Spray EthylChloride Spray?

Have you ever watched a soccer match and there is a soccer player who has an injury to his foot or other slot pragmatic play part? After the player feels pain, the medical team will come and spray a spray and the player will feel healthy again and not injured anymore. It’s not because the player is diving or just pretending to be sick to get a free kick, but because the player’s feet are sedated by being sprayed with the spray.

In the medical world, most anesthesia is carried out using an injection, or it could be because we are inhaled like we watch kidnapping movies, right? However, in the world of sports, this method of anesthesia is done by spraying the injured body part. The pain suffered by the player temporarily disappeared for several hours. Are you curious about Spray? Isn’t it magical? Here we will explain in more detail about the Ethylchloride Spray.

What is Ethlychloride Spray?

Maybe you are wondering what is the content in the spray? The content in the spray is Ethlychloride. Ethlychloride is a painkiller consisting of a chemical compound with the chemical formula CH3 CH2 CL1. It is highly flammable and has no significant color.

When sprayed on a wound or injured part there must be some distance to maximize the effect of this drug. The distance to be sprayed must be about eight to twenty centimeters from the body part to be sprayed. When sprayed on the feet or other parts of the body, the sufferer will feel a cold sensation on the part that is sprayed and the pain will disappear instantly. But it doesn’t go away forever, because this drug only provides an anesthetic effect for 1-2 hours. If the wound is serious enough to cause a fracture, of course you cannot use this drug and the players have to be treated right away. It is different if the injury experienced is only in muscle pain due to friction between players or cramp injuries.

Now that’s ethlychloride, then are there any dosages and side effects of using this miracle spray drug? Of course there are, here are the side effects of using the miracle drug Ethlychloride spray.

Side Effects of Using Ethlychloride

When you use this drug, there are several side effects that can happen to its users. Why are the side effects different? Because the parts of a person’s skin have different allergies and all have different skin textures. Here are some very serious side effects:

  • The color on the sprayed skin changes.
  • There is pain and a burning sensation on the part that is given the spray.
  • Infections on areas of skin exposed to the spray.
  • Very slow wound recovery.

These are some of the very serious side effects of using Ethlychloride. If you or your friends experience some of the side effects above after using this spray, you must immediately seek the nearest medical help so that it does not spread and lead to a worsening condition and even paralysis.
Apart from some of the side effects above, there are also some side effects that are rarely experienced by humans. Here are the side effects:

  • The amount of urine changed
  • The skin or eyes turn yellow
  • Water in the urine becomes cloudy
  • Nausea and vomiting – vomiting continuously
  • Stomach ache

Quickly experiencing fatigue and not in a normal body condition
Other side effects are also when someone is allergic to the chemical reaction to Ethlychloride, here are the side effects:

  • The skin feels itchy
  • Experiencing swelling of the face, tongue or in the esophagus
  • Experiencing unusual dizziness
  • Difficulty breathing

Those are some of the side effects in people who are allergic to these chemical reactions. There are also many side effects, but there are also some other side effects that a person may experience considering that every human’s skin has a different reaction. After knowing the side effects, of course you have to know the dosage of using this spray drug. Come on, see the following reviews.

Dosage for Use of Ethlychloride Spray Medicines

For doses to use this drug must be sprayed from a distance of 8 to 20 centimeters from the surface of the skin. How much and how long does it take to spray the injured part? Spray will continue to be sprayed until the injured part appears white layer. But you have to remember, that this spray drug is not specifically for children because it can affect the child’s growth period.
That’s the dose of using this magic spray drug. However, there have also been cases of people having overdosed on this drug. If an overdose occurs, such as the side effects we discussed earlier, we recommend that you call 119 or other options, you can immediately rush to the emergency room at the nearest hospital. Bad things can happen to you if side effects occur and just let it go without checking or treatment.

There are also some rules of use that must be avoided, when sprayed, this liquid is strictly prohibited from direct contact to the eyes or mouth. To store this medicine you also have to store in a humid place and have a room temperature that is not hot, such as in the toilet or in the bathroom. And when you want to use this product, make sure the validity period of this drug can still be used and should not be used if it has expired or has expired.
So that’s complete information about the magic spray drug from Ethlychloride.

How ? Are you ready to accept the risks when using this spray? Indeed, the effect takes place quickly and instantly heals, if it fits, it doesn’t matter, the problem is if there is an allergy or an overdose on your skin. Surely it becomes a complicated thing right?

Well, this is the information about the magic spray Ethlychloride. Hopefully this can help those of you who are looking for information on this drug and can add to your insight about the medical world. Thank you and stay tuned for other interesting information on this website. thanks.

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